21 February 2017
Date : 2011 Tuesday 20 Sep     |     Code : 1

Korean delegation visit to East-Azerbaijan technical and vocational training centers


The five-member Korean delegation along with TVTO board of directors, visited the workshops of Tabriz training centers (centers number 1&2) and also they visited Charkheshghar Company which is a transmission and steering manufacturer.

According to the report of public relations of east Azerbaijan general office for T&V training, in this visit, first Mr. Siabani "Director General" welcomed the guests and explained the potentials of the province in Skills Conference Room.

Then, the guests visited the workshops of training center number 1,such as auto mechanics, CNC, KAB, Iran Khodro, Saipa, Turning and Milling and also they visited the workshops of training center number 2 ,such as gold and jewelry, fine tools, carpentry, testing, welding and industrial automation.

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