27 March 2017
Date : 2011 Tuesday 20 Sep     |     Code : 2

Algerian delegation visit to East-Azerbaijan technical and vocational training centers

      An algerian delegation visit Tabriz to develop bilateral cooperations between the islamic countries.  

     Ms. Aicha Semsoum " Deputy Director, Ministry of vocational training in Algeria" pointed out:

"Iran's Technical and Vocational training system is one of the most advanced training systems in the world."

     She also explained that Algerian delegation's trip to East Azerbaijan and their visit to skills and educational departments have been very useful and added "all processes and principles of technical and vocational training in T&V organization such as organizing, facilities, programs, standards and scientific level of the trainers are according to the most modern accepted principles in the world.

     Semsoum said: "The relationship between training and industry that we noticed during our visit to Tabriz is a prominent example of such interactions that must be considered as a good pattern in other countries like Algeria."

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