2022 May 16
  Training the University students & Graduates

     The growing unemployment rate among university graduates and the importance of transferring the skills to this community as a vital human resource in industrial and technological development; employment consistency in industrial and economical enterprises, continuous technological development and the necessity for economical and social development in one hand and TVTO’s mission for skills training and enabling the jobseekers as well as employees has caused the establishment of a new Deputy of Modern Skills in TVTO. Deputy of Modern Skills is supposed to play a significant role in development of skills among experts and the people working in industry and technology section.


Modern Skills

     All skills and qualifications which you need academic education or general skills and related experience to learn them are called Modern Skills.

      The Modern Skills sphere includes a variety of technical and non-technical skills such as:

Entrepreneurship, Job Preparation, Applied Optics, Technology and Laser Application, Biotechnology, Multimedia and Animation, Nanotechnology, Composites, New Energies, ICT, Mechatronics and Robotics, Automation and Industrial Control, Medical Engineering, Technical Inspection, Quality Control, Applied Software, Reverse Engineering, Technology and Biotechnology of Seedling and Seed, Microorganisms and Biologic factors, Fuel and Combustion, Chemical substances and Processes, Foodstuff Conserving and Packaging Technology, Construction and Management and Technology, Municipal Services Technology, Agricultural Modern Technology, Quick Modeling.

     To this end Deputy of Modern Skills has planned to provide related trainings in 5 groups of Technical, Nontechnical, Entrepreneurship (KAB), Job Preperation and Specialized Software through Class and Electronic Learning in public ASD centers, industry and enterprises in all provinces.


ASD Centers

     The centers nearby the universities (Advanced Skills Development centers (ASD) by which the largest portion of the training services are provided are set up inside the universities to carry out Advanced Skills Development trainings in nontechnical courses ( management and Business), Entrepreneurship ( KAB), Job preparation and specialized software for university students of all grades. Currently, based on provinces populations, the number of universities and the capacities of provincial offices 70 ASD centers are established throughout the country.


Apprenticeship for University Graduates    

     “The Project for University Graduates’ Apprenticeship” is one of strategic plans of TVTO for which Deputy of Modern Skills is responsible to manage, program, monitor and assess the process of its implementation in sectors including Industry and Mining, Cooperatives, Commerce, Roads and Transportation, ICT, Housing and Construction, Oil, Gas and Petro-chemistry for 40 thousand applicants. All applicants are provided with a 120 hour course for job preparation.


Training the Employees

     Continuous technological development and its complexity require training specialized human forces. The experts believe the organizations consistency and survival in today’s highly competitive atmosphere depends on the human forces that are capable of meeting the needs of their organization and society.