2023 June 02
  Training in Industrial Units

     A portion of TVTO's training courses are implemented under training in industrial units which is specialized for employed people of the labour market, and for supporting labour force and improving their skills in accordance with modern technologies in the following frameworks:

     1. training in centers adjacent to industrial zones and intercorporation centers
These training centers which are aimed to develope technical and vocational trainings and provide skillful human force needed by industries, are established and run by employees. The centers provide courses on needed trades under supervision and direction of provincial offices.
     The centers adjacent to industrial zones are independent from production lines and have their own training equipments. These kind of centers can be established and run by one or more corporations. Inter-corporations centers are established by giant industries between two or more manufacturing companies to train the vovational skills.

     2. on the job training
This kind of training is implemented in the workplace, without detaching the worker from his / her task, in order to improve the skills of the workers in the industraial units.